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    1. Baneado,¿pero por qué?
    2. Hola bsp_mine

      Bienvenido a Mundo Mapping | Tu comunidad mapper!! :D

      Ya eres uno mas de nosotros, cualquier duda/problema que tengas no dudes en consultarlo con algún usuario o publicar un tema en la sección correcta.

      Por favor lee las reglas del foro para evitar futuros problemas Reglas

      Mundo Mapping.
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    Acerca de bsp_mine
    mapping for myself

    note to S3B,SEB, OCTIVE LABA
    what ever you want to call your self , I post this here as for I know you come here almost daily to see what I am doing . you want to block me from speaking to you at you VK account that's fine now no one will be looking at you profile and your self spamming of waypoint links , oh and also no one will ever understand you humor with animals and cartoons that you have posted
    when you a bit older I suspect you will grow tired of being needy ( and that means wanting nice words about your work and votes also ) having votes about maps and webpages about way pointing is getting ridiculous
    Now I understand since you do not know much English maybe someone like Chapo can walk you through this
    ( and who knows maybe you will learn something or just retaliate and make a map about this)
    and a reminder I have won , your attempts to kill my work has failed

    this site like the others is a archive not a place to receive praise from others , I do not need that
    mapping for myself
    mapping for myself
    mapping for myself
    United States
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    mapping for myself
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    mapping for myself


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